Modalities are applied as needed as opposed to on an a la carte basis.  This allows the practitioner to decide what is appropriate for each patient at the time of his or her visit and eliminates complications in scheduling and pricing. Modalities include:


Cupping & Guasha

Medical Qigong

Herbal medicine (internal & topical)

Taiji & qigong instruction

Dietary therapy & nutritional counseling

Informal counseling

Interested in learning more?  Call (707) 601-5550 to chat with Sean and learn how Chinese medicine may be of use to you.

Home Visits

Home visits are offered on a case-by-case basis and are generally reserved for people who have physical or social circumstances that prohibit them from leaving the home. Please call Sean to request a home visit or to obtain more information about this service. Additional fees may apply depending on location.


Types of Appointments

Initial Visit (1 hour 20 minutes) 

The initial visit consists of an in-depth conversation about your specific condition and overall health, the formulation of an individualized treatment plan, and the initial physical treatment.

Follow-Up Visit (1 hour) 

Follow-up treatments include a short conversation to assess progress. The majority of the time is spent on physical treatment and the formulation of herbal medicine prescriptions.

Herbal Medicine Consultation (30-45 minutes)

This includes an in-depth conversation about your specific condition and overall health, followed by the formulation of an individualized herbal regimen.

Taiji/Qigong Private Instruction  (Length of sessions vary)

One-on-one instruction allows for a more individualized approach. It is also a great option for those who wish to learn specific qigong exercises to help with injuries or internal disharmonies.

Taiji/Qigong Group Class

This class focuses on Wu style taijiquan and qigong. It is suitable for all levels. Classes are currently on hold.