Cultivating long-term Health

In healthcare, a concierge model is one in which patients pay a monthly fee for a certain set of services, typically allowing for more comprehensive and in-depth care. At this time, when health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs are sky high, this model allows people to access real care without breaking the bank. My goal in using this model is to allow people who are deeply invested in and focused on overcoming serious illness and/or cultivating long-term health to access more of the services I offer at an affordable rate.  Here's how it works. You pay a flat monthly fee of $240 ($210 if using cash)* to receive the following: 

  1. A detailed written evaluation and treatment plan;
  2. Two 75-minute hands-on sessions per month (i.e. acupuncture, massage, medical qigong, etc);
  3. A 20% discount on additional sessions;
  4. Free taiji and qigong classes;
  5. Free group classes (i.e. herbal preparation, Chinese philosophy, etc); and
  6. A 10% discount on any herbal purchases.

I am excited to offer this approach, as walking alongside someone as they discover their best self and reach their optimal state of well-being is the ultimate positive feedback in this line of work.

* There is a 3-month minimum for this program, and an additional discount is given to those who pay all 3 months in advance ($600 total).