Acupuncture is one of the tools we use in the physical medicine aspect of Chinese medicine (by the term, "physical medicine," I mean hand techniques or tools that are applied to the body for the purpose of producing a physiological change).  It utilizes stainless steel, sterile, single-use filiform needles as a means of manipulating circulation in the body.  It is used in conjunction with various types of bodywork (i.e. chinese medical massage, cupping, & guasha), qi work, the application of liniments, and other modalities in order to restore proper bodily function and encourage healing.

My approach to physical medicine is rooted in and informed by the understanding of the human body that I have garnered through my practice of qigong, taiji, and yoga, as well as my experience training for competitive athletics.  These have aided me in developing a unique sense of awareness of how the body functions and what happens when something goes awry.  This means that I understand how hindering both physical injuries and internal diseases can be.  When any tissue of the body is damaged, either due to an injury or disease, or when the mental/emotional aspect is disturbed, then problems can manifest in many areas of our lives.  This results in anything from mild discomfort to severe illness, which means a reduction in performance, repeated injuries, and/or losing out on life's opportunities.  

We all want to feel healthy and happy as we go through our days.  My goal is to relieve the symptoms that are bothering you as quickly as possible while working holistically to get at the root of the problem.  In this way, I aim for quick results while building lasting health over time.