Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is one of the most fascinating aspects of Chinese medicine.  From the smells, tastes, and appearances of the herbs, to the subtlety and care that is involved in the formulation of every prescription, the world of herbs is rich and profound.  They are also arguably the most important factor in the treatment of internal diseases. There is a reason that 70% of pharmaceuticals are derived from natural substances:  They are powerful medicine!  

The guiding principles we use to prescribe herbs can also be used in dietary therapy in order to create an environment within the body that is continuously conducive to healing. The process of treatment becomes a kind of partnership between practitioner and patient, with subtle changes being made to prescriptions and dietary recommendations based upon the shifting experience of the patient.

Chinese herbal medicine utilizes a wide range of natural substances to aid the body in recovering from illness and to encourage health.  I use primarily raw herbs (plants, minerals, fungi, etc).  This allows for each formula to be custom made for every patient at the time of their appointment.  It is also the most potent way to deliver herbal medicine. Herbs can be prepared as decoctions, tinctures, salves, compresses, liniments, and more according to the needs of the patient.  

I use Spring Wind Herbs and NuHerbs.  Both companies offer high quality Chinese herbs with some of the most extensive testing of any company on the market.  All of my herbs are lab tested and/or organic.  This means that I can be confident that the medicinals I prescribe for my patients are effective and safe.